Ionics Research

Our FOCUS is:

Super Clean Technology.


We are redefining clean technology. 

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Our Mission

We are an engineering research group focused on developing new technologies for humanity's infrastructural needs: Energy, Water and Food.


We focus on envisioning solutions for the high demands of today and tomorrow through innovative integrations of current and future technologies.

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august 2016

Solar-powered Pipe desalinizes 1.5 billion gallons of drinking water for California.

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august 2016

solar-powered 'pipe' sculpture generates 4.5 billion liters of drinkable water from the ocean.

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Our Projects


Santa Monica - 2016 

Wrapped in your bathrobe, you breathe in the pure ocean air, contemplate the beautiful blue sea, and listen to the sound of the waves. Multiple pools of hot and cold, crystal clear salt-water invite you to a ritual that will let you forget the stress of your daily life and live a blissful moment.

You relax on the pool deck looking out to the ocean. Around you, the seamless and clean magic of technology is at work. Above, the solar panels are powering this beautiful, gleaming island of bliss. Below, the seawater comes through the pipes and goes through Electromagnetic Filtration; quietly providing your salt bath with crystal clear salty water, and the city with clean pure water. What you are witnessing is a change in the future of pure water.

From the Beach, a gleaming pipe floats in the horizon. Its a testament to our time. It reminds us about our dire dependence on water and on our need to appreciate and value this vital gift. It also teaches us that water is plenty and nature is kind. We just have to learn to work with it, keep it clean and appreciate it.




Our Projects

THE Seaflute


In the afternoon the families gathered on the beautiful green hill on St. Kilda Triangle. As the fresh sea breeze blew through the trees and the children played through the park, soft, playful melodies of the Seaflutes chimed into their laughters. Spending time at the park after a beautiful day at the beach or a visit to the Palais theatre had now become a ritual for the locals. Many parents with their kids, and tourists alike, always gathered around the Seaflutes to see it with their own eyes. How could such a funny and playful sculpture that played music with the sea breeze be supplying the city with its electricity?

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Better has been the design partner of Ionics since the inception of the research group. Through this partnership, we have been able to envision technologies that redefine categories through comprehensive design systems: